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F**K Off I'm On Holiday

The best way to find some peace of mind is to say fuck adulting I am going on holiday. For some reason as children, we were given a whole hell of a lot of time to recharge. There were long holidays for Xmas, easter, or just for the damn season changing. Then we become adults and are told to fuck off and cope with being stuck in tiny spaces with people we generally hate. What we really need is a damn pause from being forced to "adult" all the damn time. And let’s face it, the more involved in this adulting bullshit you are, the more serious of a break you need. Every job has this false concept of vacation time where you should be able to disengage and reconnect with yourself. And find some muthafucking peace. You can accumulate months of leave but taking a few days can turn into a series of unpleasant negotiations. Not only getting whatever approvals you need at work but navigating whether you also need to cut your family off as well. Because sometimes the people you love most, are the ones contributing to the possibility of you catching a case. So you finally make a real adult decision and tell everyone to fuck off and go in search of a little peace of mind and relaxation.

It doesn’t matter how you spend this time it is yours. Whether you book a flight or find a way to lock yourself inside with all your favorite things, it doesn't matter. However, once we get here we are often left with the feeling that we should be doing, something. We want to do something other than taking time to disconnect from the outside and reconnect with ourselves. So instead we end up engaged in showing our proverbial haters and admirers how we are living our best lives. After all, it may as well not happen if we don't do it for the 'gram. Or does this just mean that technology has changed what we define bliss? Self-care is constantly a trending topic, but we are often caught up in comparing our healing to someone else's. The constant comparison of our lives to someone else's is the opposite of self-care. With every post to prove our best lives are better than others, we miss our opportunity to actually be better. It is possible to live life in full-spectrum. All the beauty of life is so much better when it's not filtered through the 3x5 screens of our phone. Self-care can't be defined by how many people are jealous of our best life in action. We would definitely miss our euphoric moment if our haters don’t give a shit about our fabulous holiday.

But if we packed up our fucks and put them in a sack we could start giving ourselves a sense of peace. We don't even have to tell anyone about it, we just do it. It becomes the beginning of our path to peace of mind and a real break. As it doesn't matter where we go if we don't allow ourselves to release all the adulting expectations for a short period. To do that unheard-of thing and simply enjoy the moments that life offers. It very well could be a route to peace of mind. There is a peace that happens in these moments when we truly allow ourselves to revel in our in-person lives. We can actually lose ourselves there and truly escape. We can slowly spend some time "un-adulting" and connect with that simple joy we experienced as children. When we stop dividing our minds and time we become whole again. We finally stop doing more for our haters than we are doing for ourselves. It can lead to finding the internal peace that provides self-renewal.

When we take a holiday it should be an all-encompassing fuck off to all that we need to forget about, even if temporarily. This is the only time to separate ourselves from our every day to repair and reconnect with the shit that truly makes us who we are.

It seems we may have forgotten how to achieve internal peace even when we want to. The constant buzz from stimulation keeps us craving another fix. However, if we step back turn-off and truly find moments to be present in the now we can find a true break from the constant pressure of adulting.


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